Red Tears, Turn the World in Circles 'Till I Cannot Feel

Thu, 07/23/2015 - 12:43 -- Dean_P

The bleeding gives language to a 

Pain I can't place words on.


So deep I can't feel it

I've become it.


It both consumes me and has composed me

And I am devoured by my own teeth.


The bleeding gives proof that I am alive

In the times that I cannot tell if I'm breathing.


Because I am suffocating in teh deafening void

Left in your wake. My tears


Have fallen over the crumbled stones of

The walls guarding the softest corners of my heart.


Useless, as they smooth the hard edges of the pillars

That kept me standing and now lie useless as well.


Crawling I claw at my arms, my chest

Just to know that I bleed, that I am human, that I am alive.

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