Red Slide


And I lay my head on my soft pillow. Silence.

Inhale, exhale. I focus on my breath.

When my thoughts run off to a distant memory

Of chasing dragonflies, collecting baby teeth, scraping knees, mom’s distinct laugh

Her smile. That warm, welcoming smile…

Memories that disappoint, and continue to disappoint, slammed doors, letters, letters unopened.

The tears, tears that just want to be heard, thoughts that require escape, when

Everyone is just talking. All that noise, accumulating and growing and the clock keeps ticking

Everything won’t stop and look

Distant memories of realizing that the world doesn’t revolve around you they keep moving and you just want to stop and you want the Universe to stop expanding just for one fucking second 

Inhale, exhale. Just focus on your breath. It was that fucking simple.

Yet, you screwed up.  

Where’s the silence now?


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