At a Red Light

Mon, 07/01/2013 - 01:11 -- mak003

As I drive home in the silence 

I feel the burning on my lips

the words are at a loss

for the thing I just did 


Pulled in the driveway  

but the engine never stopped 

my mouth just kept going 

something must have kept it propped 


I put up my gaurd through the window 

but I surrendered to a touch 

I close my eyes to lose control 

and now I think I've done too much 


I took my foot off the break for a sec 

and before I could even take a breath 

in uncharted territory, I'm lost 

roaming and searching which pedal to press 


Buckled up I just sat at the wheel 

my hands just below nine and three 

before I knew it we shifted gear 

mans I was in the passenger seat 


My engine stalled and I found reverse 

I hit the gas and I was gone 

nothing played on the radio 

except the dead air of a cheap love song 

Guide that inspired this poem: 



love this idea with the car and all...great write :)

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