The Red Horror

Wed, 05/10/2017 - 19:59 -- AyaOuda


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drowning in blood

thicker than mud

spilling out pain

nothing to gain

It’s starting to rain

no place is left dry

each word pouring pain

no one hears my cry

each day more left to die

the red horror begins to stain

seeping in hearts surging through veins  

the children are bleeding through every screen

but you turn your back leaving them unseen

the debris is hugging them when a dead mother could not

in a web of tears they are caught

the boy lies shaking in fear

his dead sister lay rotting near

no dead is given a proper burial there is not morality

each victim protrudes from the earth symbolize of brutality

the books have been burned

religion overturned

peace is demolished

civilization is abolished

and as the young toddler stumbles on the dry ground his feet callused and dotted with blistered

he crawls on the ground watered by the blood of his brothers and  sisters

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Our world


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