Red Head Girl


Your sweet red curls bounce and sway in the wind
Your smile lights up the world
Your heart is so loving to others

You try to shield others from what’s really hurting inside
Eyes say help me
While your smile is how you hide it

You didn’t think anyone would care
That anyone would notice
We did notice, notice it all

You getting thinner, and thinner
Starving yourself, doing whatever
Is needed to be thin

You see ugly, I see beauty
You say fat, I see healthy
You say I want to look like them, I say be yourself

Your sweet red curls still bounce and sway in the wind
The world needs your smile
The world needs your loving heart
The world needs you!!!

Red head girl do whatever it takes just please stop starving yourself
You are beautiful, no matter what others say
Stay original red head girl, your one of a kind


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