Red Flags

Everyone says “Look for red flags”
For the “Let me see your phone”
For the “I told you not to talk to him”
For the “I yell because I love you”
Everyone says “Stay out of toxic relationships”

But nobody says “Look for inner-self toxicity”
For the constant “I despise myself”
For the “Just one more cut”
For the “A few more pounds”

You see, society has taught us to find someone who loves us

But it hasn’t taught us to find love within ourselves

When our special someone tells us “Let me see your phone”
We respond by ripping it away from them, saying stop being so controlling

But when our own minds destroy itself constantly saying “I hate myself”
We give in and submit like the way the trees submit to their death in winter

As humans we crave
To be loved
Even when it’s unhealthy

But we need to crave
To love ourselves
As healthily as we all know we should

So next time a toxic relationship says “...because I love you”
Think this
“I’m leaving you, because I love, me”

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Our world


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