Red & Blue Lights

Have you heard the red and blue assumption?
Erasing our brothers like its nothing.
And of course we do the worst thing and
tear up our own neighborhood proving why
the guess work could be understood.
What to happen to being a leader?
Tell our brothers to put the bats down.
Lets start an organization and get political
to end this officer crack down.
Face it; were the first to shoot and not listen,
were usually provoking excessive force 
with a lack of interwishing.
if we would bare with them before there bare arms,
I bet you our brothers would be alive in there 
families arms.
I'm not speaking from a uniform point of view,
I speaking from a lets do our part and stay true.
Positive thinking in a negative bind,
the killings of our brothers starts with compliance of mind.
_Shaun Poet


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