Thu, 11/12/2020 - 16:16 -- SadBoy

This feeling
I haven't had in a while
Heartbreak fake smiles
For every pretty girl
That wants to be mine
I don't wanna lie
Can't give them all my time
to busy writing rhymes
To get the pain off my mind
need learn to love myself
Before I love anyone else
I put my heart on a shelf
To try and save
my mental health
I was numb for a while
So I stopped acting wild
I opened my mind
Finally realize…
It would've been my inevitable demise
I'm way to young to die
Those pills could've killed me
I'm back to the real me
A fresh breath of air
Do you still feel me
Even though I'm not impaired
At one point I was really scared
I wouldn't make through the year
But I caught myself
Before it was to late
My friends say I'll never change
They can stay away
I need people who really care
To be in my personal space
That's why I'm solo
Because only I know
How to keep
myself straight

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