A Recent Tempestous Time

Sun, 09/07/2014 - 01:33 -- sirius4


With so much life and personality
I cant explain why but I know I will end up the casualty
from my own doing I see the theoretic causality
if only I could abstain from prophetic and persue nuetrality
but im to used to insanity
cant curate this abnormality
I just invigorate the malady
I educate but still in parody
im marinating in my own recipe of fantasy mixed with incoherency
in efficiently understanding the mission meant for me
uneffectively balancing my intense mentality
I sense fatality against my own brutality
in my defence I am my own worst enemy
pain and sorrow is so natural to me
I can imagine how hard it is to really want to willingly take a risk and follow me especially
when im rhythmically inclined and as I diplomatically shine,
in intimacy im out my mind
but still secretly im blind
and inevitably im past those steps of loosing it already,
im a virus and my iris is a blur
deadly unsure
the true depth of my own words
cant escape this hour
from this endless and free power
within me antagonizing me
terrorizing me
characterizing me its a miracle I can be ...me ...
with so much life and so much personality
I can but I cant explain why I already am the casualty
Dead and going about life so casually
cursed at infancy dillusional dreams of living infamously
attached to curiosity at such high velocities
you may wonder why I believe that across cities hope can survive through atrocities
and im possibly finally slowly coming to the road in which I choose to be a hero
Despite this tempestous feeling in my soul.


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