The Reason Why I Smile So Much


The empty sighs and newfound distinctions were all bundled up in a warm jacket filled with a cold breeze and I painted myself to infinity with the chords of my old guitar

R E S O N A T I N G.


“Yes, the time has passed fairly well through my hands; que no (don’t you think)?

It has indeed and time wasn’t a friend of mine” spoke the boy.

Constantly in relative motion I always strayed away from the buckets filled with responsibilities.


However this was my duty.

I was a farmer who grew knowledge and waited with patience for a developing change after watering the crops each day with a single bucket.


I paid no attention to details; all I truly ever did was enjoy the simplicity and complexity of Mother Earth and her wonders.


When the bucket became to heavy for me to carry anymore.

I would grab one of my collections, then gently lay on the fertilized soil and



“Now the wonders are flowing gently through the sea

And that was not simply just a dream.

I wonder whether the sky will begin to fly.

I really don’t want to stop tonight.”


The sky was so beautiful and vividly clear and I no longer felt reason to ever have to frown again. So when I rested my head on the pillow I smiled to the midnight sky and said my goodbyes, for then on forward I was clarified.

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