Reason of Christmas

Christmas is a time

Of joy and of cheer

When family, shopping, and presents

Give way to the New Year.


From Santa to elves,

From decorations to snow,

Holiday cheer is spread

Wherever we go.


But something is missing,

Something many don’t know.

Christmas is more than just songs

And lights all a-glow.


The subject of Christmas,

Written in the name,

Is more than dazzling gifts,

More than Christmas displays.


‘Twas a little baby born

In a lowly cattle stall,

To save mankind from his sin

And bring peace to us all.


So the real meaning of Christmas

Is not about toys,

About lights, snow, bells,

Gifts, music, or noise.


Christ is the reason

Joy and love are a part

Of the feeling we get

When Christmas season starts.


Christmas started with love

So many years ago,

When God gave his life

For those He loved most.



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