Give me a reason; please give me a reason,Tell me why people struggle just to find a place to be in?Tell me why there is a struggle in a land of freedom,Tell why people starve when we have the food to feed them?We are all hungry for the truth, so speak,Why drown it all down in a river of deceit,We are all human so why treat anyone less?In fact, in this world I feel isn’t all about the way you dress,So quit it! Stop trying to impress by the eye,Building buildings over 20 stories high, Give a reason-tell me why,Why can’t there be more acts of kindness,Brake down these walls! -All this war!-I am not having this!Put down the weapons! Don’t you see that lives are being lost?This is not a game! Don’t you see the cost!All those families being put to rest all because you feel that you know best,Now I take a stand for what I believe in,Don’t tell me that law braking is what you are seeing,For I am just a human stuck in this time yet believing-,You will change! Now, tell me, what is your reason  .


Jacob Encarnacion

What its about is something that I worry and stress about daily. I just feel that shedding light on it might show the power of change

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