But Really It's Just My OCD

I've started out the day today
Sitting in my math class.
But all that I can seem to notice
Is a flaw in my necklace.

And then I get a text
From my boyfriend Nathan
And when I try to respond
I miss the semi-colon.

So then I begin to go
A little crazy in the head.
And can not pay attention
Till I fix what I've said.

So then I begin to pay attention
And learn about differentiation
But all I can seem to notice
Is the incorrect translation.

As I read the problem
I cannot help but see
Every mistake that is present
And what trouble it's causing me.

So then I stare off into space
But improper thoughts fill my head.
Irritated with myself,
I instead inspect my lead.

Such pretty, perfect, chalky texture
Inside that graphite rod
Until I see it's much too short
How dare it be such a fraud!

So again I look up at the board
And begin to do number one.
But when I finish and show him my work
He frowns; in his eyes is shun.

I cannot stand it anymrore
I simply must be free
Of that class for which the only thing
That is wrong is me.

What you do not know dear teacher,
Is what it is I see.
Everything wrong in the world,
But really it's just my OCD.


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