Wed, 10/02/2013 - 14:26 -- Yowane


She won't shut up

He won't stop talking

Their f*cking annoying

Hello? Teacher? Are you even watching?

Tell them to stop talking, Make them be quiet

You have the  power here, use your damn noggin!

Use duct tape, fine tell them to shut it, it's really annoying

Great, now she's crying!

You're here to teach, I'm here to learn, they're not doing anything

Don't watch their world burn!

Tell them to stay after class, stay after school, come in at lunch,

Don't just stand there and watch him drool!

Your teaching a subject I like & it's something that could definitely impact my life

But these idiots are talking smack, drugs, sex, & crap & you're just standing there

Laughing at that!

Make them stop, tell them to go, no one cares if they never show, they're really

Annoying, you know?

We'll be fine, we'll move on, I'm sure we'll all be happier once they're gone!

Make them leave, make them stop, please, please, PLEASE

Just kick them out and then I'll stop!


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