Realize Who You Are

Fri, 05/24/2013 - 13:18 -- Muniko


United States
42° 26' 5.694" N, 83° 9' 15.048" W

Heavy hearts filled with heavy stones,
We try to walk tall against the pain,
Thrashing in thick mud as we tread along,
the fog is smug and unforgiving,
clouding our vision.
Words from past voices filled our hearts with stone,
deep rooted pain and doubts from our past drain the life out of our already weak bodies.
High, strong egos neglect the cries from the soul,
begging to stop to heal the wounds words inflicted.
The mud is our world, our journey we face.
The weight of the stones sink us deeper into the fate of failure.
When will we stop poisoning ourselves?
We take in everything we see and do not filter out the bad that fogs our path.
The lies, assumptions, grievances, toxic words are breathed in like oxygen,
We became desensitized to the injustices around us, allowing negativity to become our constant reality,
Our journey, once to a distinct destination, has become a weary path filled with smog and confusion.
We've done this to ourselves.
Our paths are no longer distinct.
As you read this do you feel a stirring in you?
Do you feel as though you have stumbled upon an inkling of truth from each line you read?
That is your awakening spirit gathering itself from the ruins you made it reside in.
Awaken your spirit, fully.
Take charge.
Remove the stones, eradicate the doubt rooted in your soul.
Wipe your soot, tear stained eyes,
Rise, for now is the time to pick up your feet from the mud,
quiet your crying soul,
fulfill your purpose in this life,
Become the best person you can be.


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