Realize What is Real

She'll never know the pain behind your eyes
She'll never see the damsel in disguise
She'll never know the truth that lies within
She'll never see where everything begins

They'll never show any true signs
They'll never think of what was left behind
They'll never show what is really underneath
They'll never think of the true beauty beneath

I've always known the pain you hide
I've always seen the damsel in disguise
I've always known the truth that lies within
I've always seen where everything begins

I've always shown all true signs
I've always thought of what was left behind
I've always shown what is really underneath
I've always thought of the true beauty beneath

I know things she never will
I've seen things she'll never see
I've been shown things they'd never understand
The thoughts may be difficult to comprehend

Hidden within the web of lies
There's a burning fire in your eyes

Who could see it, even you?
You live your life in which you choose
You"ve made countless wrong mistakes
Be sure to fix them before it's too late

What once was your's, you cannot see
How truly precious your life could be
You went on to pick up rocks and sand
But left behind a rare diamond 

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