The glassy smooth water of early morning was gradually changing.The lake was waking up and so was I.The waves, now creeping up the beach, marked the start of another day of hard work.The small house was a fixer-upper located right on the shore of the great lake Huron.We spent many weekends working on that that piece of paradise.Me, holding a hammer much to big for my small stature stood in the shadow of my father.I didn't learn much about building from those days working on our lake house.   Boredom is a dangerous entity.  claiming victims with its dark but enticing arms.Rolling the dice of chance I chose my weapons.Fighting this monster year after year I found some very strong weapons.Hobbies.Sometimes it was a random selection.Soon my arsanol was complete and I was victorious.the spoils of war were few but strong.Music, racing, academics.I gained more than I ever realized at the time I fealt the heat of frustration begin to fill my body.My crystal clear resolve I speant many years developeing fought off the frustration.One more time.This time think about it thoroughly and clearly.Analyze it and play it precisely.The click of the metronome was a very controversial sound.Filling my ears with either a usable logic or a useless beat, screaming over and over again.It's always worth it.Putting in the hard work now will help me achieve more later.I again started my daily ritual.Tuning, etudes, scales, and concertos all to the controversial beat.I know exactly what I'm doing. The sizzling sound was music to my ears.The aromas danced all throughout the kitchen.What first had been interprated as frustration with my mom had transformed.A new and foreign world was opening its gates and letting me in.Cooking my own food soon turned into much more than just a nightly chore. Food you make yourself always taste better.It could be because you get more hungry while you cook.But its because the work you put in equates to the taste you get out.I've learned alot about cooking but its more than just that.  Revisiting memories.True Lessons, originaly hiding in the shadows, come forth.The more input the more output.In chemical reactions the energy is conserved.You can't get something for nothing.My life runs on hardwork. 


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