The Reality of Me

I am a philosopher, who hasn't earned Plato's type of recognition
I internalize the world, and develop a greater sense of cognition
An optimist at my finest, I understand the actualities of the mind
Like how we can do anything, but our fabricated limitations make us blind 
As smart as I am, I have yet to learn how to fully trust
Due to past days, when "friends" would kick and grind me into the dust
I bottle my emotions, as if I run a liquor store
But whenever I speak my feelings, they do more than just pour
My soul sings constantly, and knows that I belong in France
Hoping to be a Parisian, the thought of it makes me dance
I could talk for hours about dreams and all of the stars
I make silly jokes and say I'm a rapper with great "bars"
My belief in a God gets me through insecurities
Through prayer I find love and freedom from impurities
I seem strong on my own, but I crave so much affection
And people see me with a fabricated perception
The most authentic me talks about life and laughs for days
And is still the girl trying to get out of her old ways
I am confident, worried, closed-off, and willing to love 
I am a mixture and more of all things listed above
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