Reality Into A Dream

Mon, 09/30/2013 - 15:31 -- Aver77


I never felt so lost like I do now

One moment I am fine

The next thing you know

I'm uncontrollably upset

Here I am, laying in the grass

Watching  the cloudless sky above

Listening to sad heart broken love songs

I got my headphones in my ears

Blocking the world from me

Drowning me away from reality

All my thoughts, all my heart

Drifting to this place

Where we can be how we were before

Where we were happy

But when I wake up

Everything that I thought that would be true, wasn't

That picture in my mind burns into flames and crumbles into pieces

And here I am, left alone

When I reached out to you, knowing you would grasp my hands

And take me along with you

Cause that moment you begin to look away from me

The hope that I had completely vanished

What we had suddenly became a distant memory

I run towards you, but when I feel like I'm finally next to you

You seem to be miles and miles away again

I have no path to take, no direction to point to

What you didn't know was that you were my way

And now that you're gone

I am walking in this endless desert



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