The REALity


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Nowadays people operate by seasons.
Women got they mind set n boys dey comin
in,just to leave em again.

Marriage at their lowest, divorces are hittin their highest peaks
both r just waiting to cheat,
searching phones looking thru pages just to find one good reason.
Gang bangers in 7th grade, pregnant at 15
Crazy people shoot up tha public, can u let them be man?
Can't even look on tv the news corrupt with demons
Let you see the tragedy but block out the main thing that can save it.
Cant talk about God in schools the teachers get jailed for praising him.
No disrespect to other religions I'm just sayin that its crazy.
Steady teaching bout evolution but kids dont know a verse out Tha book of J.O.B. ill be quiet but I'm just saying, It's odd to me.
And kids are gettin smarter, they are advancing with our technology.
On YouTube shaking their little bodies, copying their biggest heroes looking at X Rated nonsense listening to rappers instead of read a longs in libraries.
I said it just seems odd to me.
You decide what ur kids are exposed to, there's no cussing, sexing, or gang bangings taught in classes like I said. it just seems odd to me.
Yet you blame the community and hierarchy of the states and cities for the lack of this and lack of that.
But riding in a 2013 Cadillac. With Gucci on ur back.
Living in know the story. It's just odd to me.
I just ask that u see the God in me
Thru all my blessings and all my pain and all the faith Ill always turn to God in need.
One day he rose from his grave with no worries yet you complain about the car you keep.
Complain about the dollars in ya pocket hard to keep ya mind at ease.
Worried bout the next guy no imma keep my heart at peace.
Tho trials and tribulations come I know I'm farther than where I started.
All I ask is that you stand beside me in my moment where I ain't got it
So when I get it I know we did it.

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