The Real World


I live in a world where 1+1 equal 2

I live in a world where 2+2 don't equal 4 but 5

I live in a world where women are physically and mentally abused by rap lyrics

where true love is never found but one night stands will always exist

where babies are giving birth to babies

where children grow up into chaotic and unstable environments

where children don't have male guidance

where teenagers don't have a future to hold on to so they grab and hang onto the streets for survival

where people in need ask for money and we see them as dollar signs with a negative and look the other way

You see, we grew up watching Cinderella and Snow White

Believing that a knight in shining armor on a pretty white majestic horse will come and take us away from a life that is beginning to screw up

At the age of 20 waiting on that strong knight on his majestic horse to come and take me away from what is known to be the "prime of my life"

Realizing that people cant even afford a helmet to their reused bike I realize that there is no knight, no shining armor not even that majestic horse to come and take me away

Cinderella and Snow white are fiction, a fantasy, a fake world only meant for hopes and dreams with awaiting nightmares

this... this is the real world where goals are set and choices are meant to be made

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