Real Royalty


If I do not relate to you

Then how could you relate to me?

I am just keeping it real

Getting involved with me 

You must want these problems fulfill

Boy your swag is tacky

And have the nerve to talk about me behind my back

Flexing gets you overlapped

Talk disrespectful and I will bomb on contact

You little boy the fact is you swear your hard

But your not

Claim you come from the bricks

Banging and hitting licks

You have not done none of this

I can bounce for that 

You rolling in packs acting like your strapped

I see right through the facade

Do not even try to act

Down to play me well I wish you could

Your afraid to go toe to toe

Just watch me run my game

You a lame lacking in my lane

Explains how could not maintain

I knew it from our first encounter I doubted your charisma

Foolish like Franz Reichelt

Are you pissed yet?

Get pushed to the left

Play with royalty

You gone get sent straight to hell

Yeah I am King Charles

And I am going to keep it real to the grave yard

Magnificent like Bartok

Even still when I depart

Bury me with all my riches

Forget my ladylove

Note in my will only my seeds will inherent my riches

All my peers void

No offense but those know who I speak of

Charles wont trust a thot

So I cut her off

She is slobbering all up through my phone 

But I know she wont

That is what Sosa said

My associates want to ride with me

Get put to the test 

I let lose the moral less

No time for pettiness

Out here going hard finessing

Try but you wont succeed to exploit my readiness

I am real royalty 

So I got haters in the masses

My peers from an adolescent

Trying to get me pissed

But there is consequences if that happens

I am cold hearted that is just in my nature

I am bruising skins while looting ends

Now that is real royalty.



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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

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