A Real Poet

No one is a real poet.
Someone always has it worse than you.
Real poets are the women in far away countries that don't know how to read
Women right in front of us that are afraid to say their significant other hurts them
Men that are told they weren't really raped and
"Dude, you should be happy you got laid"
Real poets are the ones that don't know they're writing poetry
Or maybe they do and they're doing it to cope.
Real poets are people that have been through things.
But then again
Everyone has been through something.
Everyone has felt some kind of pain.
Who are we to say how badly someone else is hurt?
Maybe you could handle what happened to them
But maybe they can't
Sure, someone might have it "worse than you"
But you're hurting too
Your pain is valid
And so is your poetry.
Everyone is a real poet.


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