The Real Me

So you want to get to know me? You sure? The real me? Well my name is Tazjona and I am 17. I grew up with a man that wasn't my daddy. He lived with us cause he loved my mommy. But then i got older and then he raped me. I ended up pregnant but I lost the baby. Had to deal with my mom constantly hitting me. Going to school with bruises, black eyes, and limping. To protect my mom i lied to my teacher and said someone jumped me. Growing up wasn't easy cause my mom ended up having two more babies. Had to take care of my brother and sister and protect them from any abuser. Whether it was my mother or their father, both are my offenders. Now I am 17 with the biggest dream, I am going to college to obtain my master's degree in criminology. I chose that major to protect other children that are like me, abused and beaten by their mommy and daddy. They say in school no child left behind but what about the kids coming to school with a black eye? This is my motivation to help these kids and be the role model they need. So earlier you wanted to know me well this is the REAL ME, someone who wants to help kids and teens become all they can be.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
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