The Real Me


Nobody knows me

They think they know me

I have many friends

Every friend only knows a part of me

I am scared to show my true self

I am afraid of the reactions

When I show my true self

My spirit animal is an orca

Orcas are relaxed around people they know

Hostile toward people they don't know

Similar to me

I love to read

I am a bookworm

I love to play sports with my brothers

I am not athletic or a jock

I love to do Math

I am not a nerd

I love to cheer when I'm alone

I am not preppy

I don't know who I really am

I am not a jock a nerd or preppy

I am Leila the bookworm

The girl who loves to read

That is a part of who I am

I myself don't know the real me

My real self is lost

In a web of lies

If I had one wish

I would wish to find the real me

Who I am I don't know

But I wish I knew

The real me


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