The Real Me


If you take me for face value

You'd think:

A shy, timid girl

loves acoustic music

Hair artificially curled

nothing could make her tick.


Erase all of that.

Look at me

The real me.

My hair is all natural.

I love 80's punk.

I interview rock bands.

I'm spunky, fun, and outgoing.

You can't know me from my picture.

No filter can possibly show who I really am.

And if you think it can,

Then you really don't know me.

The real me.


I'm not perfect.

I have my flaws.

My arms are hairy.

My hands are too small.

As far as names,

I've been called them all.


I didn't let that stop me.

I got up.

I cast aside all my imperfections

and names some kids I'll never see again called me.

I'm chasing my dreams.

They're within my grasp.

I'm living them.

All because I stayed true to me.

The real me.

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