The Real Me

Filters change the originality of

Pictures and words.

It can change the interpretation

And the meaning.


Filters change the surface

But not the deeper meaning.


Without the filters,

I am almost the same person.

I may seem brighter

But I’m still me.


My words make me seem smarter

Because I enjoy writing.

I can make the words come to life,

And paint a picture of the bluest sky on a sunny day.


I really do enjoy analyzing stories

Because it helps give me a deeper meaning of the story.

And I love to read

And discover new places.


I enjoy playing sports

I always have.

I like competing and working hard to earn my playing time.

It pays off when I play well.


Working hard is who I am

And I like being portrayed through my hard work.

It shows the real me

And will get me where I want to go.


The filtered me may not show all this

Because filters only show and change the surface

Not the deeper meaning.


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