Real love as it should be

Because I love you, what a wonderful phrase

Because I love you, used so often these days

Because I love you, how the meaning has changed

to manipulate minds and bring about pain


Because I love you, let me take control

of the things that you do and the places you go

Don't do what you want, or even may need

just listen to me, that's how it should be


Because I love you, stay away from your friends

I must always know just right where you’ve been

Ever betray me and I will find out

This love must be earned not just given out


This seems so distorted, so out of control

This thing called love, no more than a show

Because I love you, now a hollow phrase

Let’s take it back to previous days


Because I love you, I’ll be by your side

Through the good and the bad, and even dark times

I’ll always love you no matter the cost

This love for you will never be lost


Because I love you, my heart will be yours

For all of my life and for all of yours

We’ll spend time together, we’ll laugh and we’ll cry

And from each other we’ll keep no lie


Because I love you, I’ll be patient and wait

Between you and I, there will be no hate

Because I love you, I’ll put you before me

I’ll always provide, whatever your need


Because I love you in its truest form

Is honest and pure, caring and more

Is filled with integrity straight to the core

I’ll love you forever and forevermore

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