Real Eyes Realize and Real Lies



When I saw people around me, I try to read between the lines.

Their faces was covered with masks .It was a part of what they called the circle of times.

Circle of times? What could this be?

One said to me that vanity is a sin that they disbelieve, so they cover the face and forget their name to have a life of selflessness and worry free.

The circle represents the face and times is a new change upon us.

They believed in simplicity, back home simple living should be a must.

They stuck by me and took me to different places.

I saw the vast blue oceans and felt the rough earth that engulfed past generations.

They seemed sincere and fed me with” smiles.” Or maybe a frown turned upside down because I was deceived.

Then instantly, a sharp pain crept up my spine to my brain and delivered messages to me.

I saw their faces and knew their names.

They were deception, hoodwink, cheat, and deranged.

They doped me by their happy mask they wore.

And I cradled in my hands the wisdom I had borne.

No longer will I follow the wind where it takes the leaves and shrubs that fly.

I read your face with real eyes, I read between the lines.

With real eyes you should realize all of the real lies.


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