Read at 8:45

She screamed at me through the typed words on my phone

She forgot everything I did for her because I didn't give all my time to her

She didn't have to say it because I knew what she was thinking

"You are my slave...I don't want to see you with anyone else."

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry

I continued to apologize for something that I did not do wrong

She never apologized and continued to play the victim

I was the victim, but she made me the criminal

Framed for a crime I did not commit

I fought back and pushed her away before she buried me in a grave dug by her words

She typed her last heart breaking words, "Fine, you weren't a good friend anyways...I don't need you."

All that remained was silence and "read at 8:45"

She didn't deserve a response

She never listened, never cared, and faked her empathy so I could listen to her

She used me like a rag doll, and threw me in the flames to be burnt after overuse

She hasn't apologized and she never will

I deserve better and there are better people who deserve me

I deserve a friend who understands that I'm flawed, that I make mistakes, and that I'm not just their slave

I deserve unconditional love, not a point system that determines what I recieve

I deserve a friend who is able to love me like my mother, be loyal like my father, and be a lifelong companion like my sister

At 8:45 I knew that I didn't deserve her and her bullshit




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