Reaching for the Skies


United States
40° 3' 48.8952" N, 75° 4' 43.0896" W

The world is mine for the taking
Every day something new
Discovering who I can be
What can I do?
Born into a broken home
Always fighting for the spotlight
Never one for trouble
Always hiding behind a book
Learning all I can - a sponge
Soaking in the knowledge
So I can be the first female in my family to attend college
The first to graduate high school
The first to beat teenaged pregnancy
The first to make something of myself
The first to break the cycle
No more babies having babies
I can be something more than a statistic
Where do I go from here?
I want to change the world
Make a difference.
I want to teach little girls
Of the wonders of the world
Tell them to reach for the skies.
The world is theirs for the taking
If only they could know it.


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