To Reach


For once I see my future,

So close to my grasp.

Though no matter how far I reach,

The journey becomes more rasp.


I climb up the hills of yearn,

Then graffle the cliffs of fate.

Though I plunge into a river,

Where I incapacitate.


I near the falls of failure,

So I push hard to the shore.
The pain becomes too much,

I feel that I am no more.


I cannot give up now,

I need to find my dream.
My fate is at stake,

I must exit this stream.


A branch in the clearing,
I reach out so far.
I grasp on with might,
The river will not bar.

I crawl upon the shore,

Gasping for the air.
I only realized then,

I had made it there.


Beyond the edge of hardship,
I was at the peak of success.
I had reached my goal and future,

I had defeated all the excess.



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