I wait in the bathroom clean and sharp

Waiting till 2:45 soon the door swings open

The shuffling of shaking hands salty tears 

Dripping on the ground. Little does she know

Mother hid me in a cleaner spot in the drawer 

Up underneath her socks and wrapped up in a

white pale cloth. The hands rusltes and ruthlessly searching

Soon to barge in mothers room.. Searching beneath the bed above 

all around looking. The drawer opens snatching me up soon to be in

the bathroom again. Warm skin touching my cold metalic touch..Crimson

blood dripping down to the ground salty and bitter tears falling to the ground

She places me down and washes me. Places me back in mothers drawer as 

I wait there till the next time she has a break down. But mother changes my place

frequently and averagely till the day the little broken girl has gone to a different world.

I wait for the next person who needs me so, but I am just a metal and so cold and sharp

but what would drive the kids and teens to use me in such a way? I was never meant to

Hurt or harm many things maybe bad people and maybe animals...but never inconcent Teens

children and parents...But I am just a razor and I can not move I was meant for this I supouse

But as of today I bid you a good day for I am a razor and thats all ill be.


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