Have you ever had an absolutely horrible day? Not just a bad day, oh no, this is a kind of bad day that you remember for several years after it happens. This is a kind of day that makes you feel inferior to every little thing. Nothing, absolutely nothing goes right. But the crazy thing is on these days, you don't even feel crabby or sad. 


You just feel raw. 


You try to go through the whole day praying nothing makes you gain the feelings back because you don't want to know what your mind and body is going through. It's like your body is going step by step through the day, but your soul is not there. Like you are watching from overhead. No one can make you laugh or smile like they usually would.


The even crazier thing is most of these days don't start off horrible. It is not until you hear something that makes your heart literally break in two. 


"Your grandma has died." 


After that, all you feel is raw. Technically, you don't feel anything even though you know you should be. Even tears can't melt down the cold walls that your heart put up when the news arrived. You try to thaw, but it is too painful. 


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