Raven's Bitter Memorance

Wed, 05/15/2013 - 20:57 -- agichan


United States
40° 35' 4.7616" N, 74° 58' 45.5664" W

And I stand here as marble flesh.
Inflecting upon the Ravens breadth.
A quarrelsome memory of the two
Beating the Winter’s silent dues,
As the tears froze into crispy flakes,
Etched with the brimming rays
Of fallen angels melting.

Left over with two footsteps and a crooked smile,
Pudgy fingers have delightfully drawn a circle, captioned “Halo”.
Where we stood up and looked down at the
Fallen angel melting,
Kicked in the stomach by our own two feet.
As our hands too have curled up and withered.

The roses breathed once more.
Momentarily of course,
As they watched you walk by.
Trembling with each wind as your skirt chasseyed
Soon smoothing out your bent knees, in which the song,
Comforted roses below.
The ones warmed by the sun.
Plucked from its havan you sang
And each petal floated to its grave.
Where the Raven croaked again.

To eyes yearning of innocence
Without ignorance,
Stripped of the chills April pushed away.
Goodbye heavy heads filled with regret.
Hello youth.
Where the sun shot Saint Valentines arrow,
Tripping us over the metal fence of
You were for her
And she was for you
Thus so woven between individual space conjoined at the hip,
Nothing can get through us.
Not even
The croak of that Raven,
Nodding his head to your despair.

Until we circled around the table you carved for us our initials.
To which memories and crumbs
The laugh of your smile.
And as the branches trembled,
So clipped of its wings, time stood still.
We forgot the black birds notice.
Locked him outside and let you in
For this one day,
Of you me,
A quarrelsome shalt be remembered.


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