A Rapist Next Door

A scary feeling that no one can bare. You're looking around while the world stops and stares. Confused from the terrible news, the people don't care. A world, where people never can prepare... for. The tragedies and conflicts beating at your door. Rape, robbery, and kidnapping allure! Lies sneaking just to trap you. I stand. In the coldest winter on my porch. In the grass, now in the street. Where the wind and I meet. The tips of my fingers, nose, and toes. . . frozen . Bundled in a sweater by a garden of dead roses. Thinking the thoughts of the many people who've been stolen. Stolen from, or brouqht to. Brouqht to the depths of its fiery hell. Imposters propose, but how could you tell..? A bell rings in your head, sleepless at niqht . . . . . cold in your bed . In your visions all you see is bloody red. Shaking, you dread . Worries, it threads. Taken . . . . your dead . He tells you he loves you but how do you know ..? He tells you what you want to hear and now your heart feels like gold ..? You barely know him, never seen him, and you invite him to your house ..? You want to commit and now make him your spouse ..? Honey , your blind and even a blind man can see that. That man doesn't care for you, never did, and now he's trying to attack. Baby watch your back. This world is full of criminals, you gotta know your facts . They come in all colors not just black. You clown me and call me wack, but you'll beg to me with an apology when your innocence gets jacked. Your heart is cracked. You fall back . . .into a corner where the spiders' web. You tremble and feel that you've fell. You're torn and you just feel the need to scream. Hoping, begging, it was all a dream . Your heart you beg to ween . . .off  from his. So you're left in the bitterness of your soul. All these allegations pile and take a toll, and you fold . Your insides shiver and curl . Lost with hatred towards the cruel world. An imitation people set as if this world is a precious pearl . It tosses and rides you in a whirl . The pain is indescribable, undeniable, no desire for, but they prior toward . *sighs*. . . .Sick of worries, wonders, what ifs, and pain. He took your heart and threw it in the rain. You strain , can't hold yourself up. You need a cane. You've fallen, and cant get up. . .You can't stay anymore, you want out the game. It happens too redundant to many girls .. its insane . . . .


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