If we have no hope

Why do we fall?

 If the stars are so high

 Why do they capture our gaze?

It all gets lost in that haze

 We call youth

 Where we search for the truth

 And we lose ourselves

In the games we all play

That hurt. But hey

 We had fun

 The end hasn’t come yet

 Let’s place our bets now

So we have to meet at the finish

 To see who was right

 Who knew the end?

 Before it came

Well I’ll tell you

 This curse is an evil

 That can’t be turned off

 No matter how hard

 I try not to use it

 The end just shows itself

And my mind picks it up

And says; what now?

 Now that I know the end

Do I give you up?

For the sake of my soul

 Or do I hold on

 And send intuition to hell



It rides in the hand-basket

Of a small girl called hope

 And when it gets their

 It withers like the rose

 I tried so hard to save

 The sparrow whose song

Saved the lone rose in the cold

 Had a name and a dream

 But she sacrificed both

 So that he could thrive

 The rose whose petals were painted

Who never had his own color

Because his thoughts were dulled

 The cold stole his soul

 So she gave hers

 So freely she gave her all

 So that he could see another fall

 The color from her wings

 Dripped into water and

 Fed his roots

 The sound of her song

 Helped him to grow

And so when the fall came

 And the snow returned

The sparrow was pale and small

But the rose, vibrant and tall

 They were both picked up

 By a stranger and brought out of the cold




In her wonderland

A mad hatter And a march hare

 To guide her through The worries of her mind

 The trouble in her soul unbound

She created them so that she wasn’t alone

So that she could make herself feel for things

Things that though they weren’t real, were important

At least to her; She needed someone

 Someone who would need her

So she made a monster and a villain

She could slay, so that she would save the day

The red queen and the jabberwocky. Made her a hero

She saves her friends, and so it all ends, there is no longer

A need for wonderland

not all hares are mad and not all hatters love tea



 Sometimes they dance

 Sometimes they laugh and squeak like mice

Sometimes they are flappers with gangsters for a night

 they escape in time where no one will find them

 they are not lost because they know where they are

but where they are going nobody yet knows.

A bunny, a squirrel, a rock Thrown into a vortex

 Of “what just happened”

And “that was so cool”

Weird faces, and pictures

 Lots of pictures

Which are cute, and funny

And when eventually they stop laughing

This never happens

They do it all again




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