Raja's Secret - Aladdin spinoff

(To the tune of this chorus in Prince Ali repeated:

Prince Ali! Fabulous he!
Ali Ababwa
Genuflect, show some respect
Down on one knee!
Now, try your best to stay calm
Brush up your sunday salaam
The come and meet his spectacular coterie)


With Prince Ali, Fabulous he, stealing the spotlight,

elephant, doubled as pet, Abu the monkey

a genie tagging along, a magic rug to ride on

Jasmine, his love interest, who's rich and pretty


No one sees the backstory of Raja the tiger.

Closest ally, always nearby to her majesty.

Never leaves Jasmine's side, and comforts her when she cries,

and protects her from suitors who are not worthy.


Apparently, Jasmine does seem to lack a mother

She is dead, though never said in the movie.

It was surely implied, now no one's there to provide

for the princess except the Sultan who's a bit naive!


Now Jafar, most evil by far, never fooled her mother.

He became aware and told her beware or he'll leave a scar.

Her mother never backed down, Jafar still thirsted for the crown,

and Jasmine's mother showed her at night Raja the star.


Jasmine sighed, they stared at the sky, her mother spoke softly,

"The stars align into a feline, over you they will spy.

Known as Raja the tiger, he will serve as your supervisor

and protect you from any bad that may pass you by."


Jafar headed down into the town in search of a poison.

He saw fresh fruits, lamps, and old flutes and strolled with a frown;

until he passed by a stand, a man with liquid in hand.

He knew his poison for his plan was now found.


The vendor explained, "There'd be no pain, nor will it kill her;

but to get her gone won't take too long so don't you refrain.

It'll only take a few drops, and she will completely stop

being royal and instead be inhumane!"


So that night while there was no light, he slipped in the substance.

She sipped her tea, calm as could be, unaware of the fright.

She then began to grow fur and could only let out a "Grr!"

until a tiger cub was was the only thing left in sight!


Jafar saw her majesty crawl on fours in confusion;

saw it as a sign to snatch the feline, for help she's can't call.

He threw her into a box, the traveled several long blocks,

though he was ignorant that the disposal was his one flaw!


Jasmine's mother made her escape and  prayed she wasn't lost forever.

She immediately fled, the box left in shreds, still alone and afraid

'Till she realized to follow her nose, her new animal senses would show

the way back to her family, where she previously stayed.


Jasmine heard from Jafar with his bird her mother died tragically,

Jasmine's heart then broke she let out a croak, thinking this is absurd

she locked herself in her room, didn't come out anytime soon.

She sobbed and mourned for days until something below her purred!


A small tiger alone, beneath Jasmine's own balcony pleaded.

She ran out without any doubt it was good down to the bone.

She took the tiger cub in, named it after the constellation,

so her mother continued to love and protect without her throne!



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