A Raisin in the Sun


United Kingdom
55° 22' 40.9836" N, 3° 26' 9.5028" W

As I try to connect the now with the then and the why with the sin, my heart leaks the words that speak to your attentive ears but you are blind to my tears along with reality and fantasy is all you see and it’s all you desire and thus I’m inspired to seek the me inside of you to know if what is there is true, not false like my synthetic pulse because I’m dead inside but never mind I meant to hide that from sight but I said it out of spite to see if you might…notice….notice me as if I belong, the way you notice the brand new song about a topic so unclear but it makes you hear but not listen to me and my story about the rise of glory out of a situation so gory it killed me but now I’m stronger so I can fall no longer but I’m not yet wise not even in your eyes. The chain breaks, my skin melts and my heart sinks and of course you think I’m done…but no I’m just a raisin in the sun. Said to be rotten and thus forgotten, sent away from others, abandoned my my mother on the lookout for a new brother and sister my heart feels like a burning blister being squeezed by a viper being followed by a sniper considered a friend or a buddy telling me what I do is cruddy making my life a blur giving friendship in spurts, I bet you make your mother proud how you fall into the crowd going about you like flies and then surprise you turn into one just for fun and you will hate on me for being a raisin in the sun something turned sweet from the pressure of heat but you choose to rot in the crowd of buzzards like a hot meal waiting to be eaten but I refuse to be beaten. I stray away from the volume of my generation and the downfall of a patriotic nation bickering about the rights of the color of another and the need for weed. Born into a time of poverty and corruption of power if I licked the earth it would be sour from the beings that can walk upright and talk evolved from the ground to think faster than sound but only ignorance is poured out of their pores and they fight each other with the blast of a bomb and I’m told to be calm and not hate on one another due to the difference of color and all the buzz is about the desire to hold a gun but I refuse to take part because I am a raisin in the sun.


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