Raise Your Hand

Tue, 01/28/2014 - 18:21 -- helzerh


Raise your hand,
If you’ve ever wondered why
People like you are rarely seen
In shows and movies.

Raise your hand,
If you’ve finally found someone like you,
And Rejoiced,
Only to find that they were
A joke.
A stereotype.
A token.

Raise your hand,
If you’ve looked in the mirror in shame,
Thinking to yourself
"Why am I not normal."
"Why am I not like the heroes,
I see in TV and movies?"

Raise a fist,
And shout

Raise a fist,
And yell
"We are all normal!"

Raise a fist,
And scream
"The world is not made up of
only one kind of people."

Raise a fist,
And hear the people around you cry,
"Everyone deserves to see themselves
As heroes!"


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