Amidst the hurricanes I say a silent prayer,

gentle are the words I've spoken into existence,

invisible are the hopes that they bear.


Patiently I look beyond the horizon as rain pours,

the thunder roars amongst the herd of clouds,

thrashing the air and running over the earth.


Quietly I sit at the front of my window,

a small smile across each cheek, shadowed by the darkness

No light as I look out, only a dim candle.


In such chaos there I find peace.

Control of life is not what should be seeked,

and in the midst of hurricanes lies something deeper.

There is no ordeal that can surpass serenity.


So quietly, gently, patiently, soften words and listen to the earth,

listen and hear that the world around you,

embrace its beauty. Let the past slip with the rain...


This poem is about: 
Our world


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