The Rainstorm

Open you throat 

Let your emotions pour out,

Like the rainstorm that threatens to come. 

We will sit under rain clouds and shout out our emotions until we are empty. 

Lets make rain angels and laugh. 

We can cry for past mistakes. 

And mourn the friends we've lost. 

Lets scream and shout until there are no words left to say. 

Rain can wash away all the hurt if you let it. 

Lets wash away our pain,together. 

Trust me and we will forever live in this moment. 

Lets get soaking wet and shiver. 

Be the rainstorm. 

Loud and threatening. 

But long awaited and appreciated. 

Open your soul and let the contents spill. . 


Guide that inspired this poem: 


Lesley Ryan always helps to share a problem with some one... especially psychological problems

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