Rain's Disposition & Her Meditation

As the never ending graceful wind steadily increases,

Her mind submerges under a psychedelic spell of peace.

Her swirling sea of grass and leaves whirl in the calm warm breeze,

Unleashing this timeless atmosphere that dissolves its own freeze.


As the crashing wave of clouds dissolve upon one another,

Her hypnotic wind sings the sky a fabricated smother.

As she inhales white golden light into her spiraling cores,

Mass volumes of air are absorbed into her filtering pours.


As her wild inter-dimensional thoughts are about to fly,

A hand of lightning branches out across unzipping the sky.

Illuminating fingers extend to where the darkness lies,

Grasping her breath as new worlds revel themselves before her eyes.


Bass pulses throughout the cells as if a lion has just roared.

Bass pulses throughout her mind’s eye as she has found her lost lord.

Om pulses her vocal cords as its song is sung by nature.

Her hypnotized mind falls in her intoxicating slumber.


Gravity forces thousands of crystal drops out of the clouds,

Making each individual plant extract their own soothing sounds.

Frequencies verbalize into another language of math,

These vibrations trend her speculations to the other half.


As the golden ratio ever lasts to spiral outward,

Sound turns into color as geometric shapes are reformed.

As she detects that web of life rubricated by One rope,

Her third eye becomes a telescope of this kaleidoscope.


Thanks is given to every single molecular rain drop.

Thanks is given to every note in which nature plays her harp.

As the never ending thoughtful wind steadily decreases,

Nature’s consciousness reflects the spell of sublimated peace.


As the lightning gets fainter and the thunder more distinctive,

Her minds back in a sober reality that’s instinctive.

The inscrutable juxtaposing peaceful rain dispersers,

Transporting her message far off to other universes.


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