Sun, 02/21/2016 - 22:04 -- jerlee

Sorrow drop above the sky today

Listen, the whisper cries as they fall by your ears


There goes another perfect shapeless teardrop,

Somehow they never seem to end

It was almost like they had a soul

They had a purpose

As they shine brighter than any diamond past your eyes

A reflection caught your attention

It was you, who were full of raindrops

It was a reflection of your deepest sadness

It was a hidden life only you knew

It was a image of the real you

Who blew out the light to your heart

Where only the whisper of raindrop may settle

Creating masks to frown away the truth

Yet, somehow the sun still glow a bright tint

However, most of the time it cover itself with clouds

With a mask that shine like your teardrops

A broken smile broke out

Hoping to catch a glimpse of life

Only to reveal a single raindrop within your eyes

The burden of love have cross your mind once again

As sorrow drop above the sky today



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