Rain (Version 2): Mother Nature's Game

Pitter patter of the rain on my head

Sends the fears straight to bed, 

In the things gone unsaid. 


And the crackle of the thunder

Sending all the pain asunder

Taking respite in the clouds

Where the things don't seem so loud.


And way up there in the sky

Seeing Mother Nature cry

Tears of rain drops pouring down

With a pitter patter sound. 


Rain is feeding all the crops

Falling down with little plops

Hydrating trees and flowers:

Mother Nature's spring showers.


And the raindrops inundation

Over flooding all the nations, 

Bringing life to things once dead,

Where the critter crawlers tread.


Freely falls without a care

In this saturated air.

Creating rivers, forming streams

And it's filling all my dreams. 



But though I find beauty within this rain

For some, it's something that brings much pain

Catastrophe and misery, follow unrelenting floods

Devestation in the nation, and the water stains of human blood.


The flood's destruction of the material possession

Teaches humanity a lively lesson:

Don't put so much stock in what you own

For sometimes you don't reap what you have sown.

And what physical things you sow, you may not take home.


Lives lost to the lurid rain

Euologies prepared in vain

And their lives were all disclaimed

Because of Mother Nature's rain Game.


Broken hearts, and broken homes

The loss of everything you own.

Mother Nature's cesspool:

How could her forces be so cruel?



Rain drops making rhythmic clamor

Leaving me all but enamored.

Rain rain, please don't go away,

I love your glorious display.


But alas the rain must pass

And I soon let out a gasp

For soon starts Mother Nature's art show

It's main exhibit: a glorious rainbow.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world
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