You came into my life causing a flood.
Made my love bleed out like blood.
But you stayed and nourished me.
I was a sapling and now I'm a tree.
I was tall, but you were just as high.
Like all water, you went to the sky.
Now just a cloud that will go,
But now others will be able to know,
What it is like to have rain,
To have something to cause pain,
Have something to make you strong,
Have something that isn't wrong,
To have someone like you,
Because you were all I knew.
I was a sapling and now I'm a tree.
You made me this way and then flew.
It wasn't fair for you to disappear.
All I want is for you to reappear.
You were my rain to let me grow,
And now you're a cloud and I watch you go.
Here I stand, so tall and strong
Yet this time without you seems so long.
But it's the love that isn't forgotten.
The love that will keep me from rottin'.
And maybe it's the love that made me
Maybe it's the love that I can still see,
I know I can't see you at all,
But you're what I feel as I stand tall.
I will keep growing until I begin to wilt,
I will keep growing till I get tilt,
I won't let someone cut me down,
I won't let someone make me frown,
I will be what you made me to be.
I will be the love that I see.
Because it's with you, and your love,
That I can still hear you from above.

I’ll follow your voice,

Until I have no choice.

When I fall,

I will still try to stand tall.

Because everything I do,

I do it for you.

This poem is about: 
My family


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