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True and always there for me
When all seems lost you're always there
No other measures up to what you can be
But no one tries as hard as you do to care
(you hold me back from mistakes
you've proven to be real and a fake
Heart of silver, and eyes that sparkle
When we were kids your hair was dark as charcoal)
When I'm in danger you're right there on my side
you've given up a lot for me, even tears when you cried
You're better than any diary, or personal journal entry
We've known each other for 5yrs, let's make it more than a century
(you've always accepted me.... for me
You're the sister I've never had
I'll always want to protect you from harm I see
I'll always try to make you laugh again when your sad
I've always got your back when need be
I'm always a call away and you know that I'm here no fear)
Cruelty and punishment to those who hurt our friends
We'll always be inseparable all the way to the ends
You've done more for me than you think
You're an inspiring person, we have a connection or link
I know you're straight and I respect that
But I can't hide that I know I love you (more than a friend) amd that's a fact
I know when I'm around you I'll never be alone
So here's your dedicated song to-


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