Radioactive Decay

I'm listing in these waters of oxidized dust,

Coughing with the sharp pain of every inhale,

Shuddering in the coldness of flaking ash,

The world is burning in radioactive fire,


Green flames licking life from trees,

encroaching on the flower fields,

and berry bushes,


Burning meteors fell to oblivion as birds,

On the charred wings of angels,

The same beating rhythm of blowing wind,

stinging the stumped and scarred flesh,

Sloughed and cursed bloodily naked in the years of youth,


Soaking in the corpse filled waters,

disfigured and deadened,

An earthbound goddess,

still with whispers of Egyptian sand,

on the crests of her liquid silver lips,

Cheeks marked in beak shaped nudges,

Of a Plutonium raven,

Dare I flicker those Cobalt eyes?


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