The white is better than the black
The white shines brighter than the black that never beams.

That voice. That voice of a random stranger in the midst of a convo in search of ears to listen to his loud noise, ears to listen to the spite of a racist.

But where were the colours you used to make your skin "glow"? Why can't you use same on your lonely brain that those not think out of the box for fear of being lost.

You say you shine bright in your white skin, how many dark hearts have you made shine, how many lonely heart's 💗 have you filled with love .

Racism won't stop when We still wear white to weddings and black to burial's.
Racism won't stop when white cars use black tyres.
That's the voice of an ignorant but concerned fellow that wants his voice to be heard by the latter.

But how can we end this? how can we bring this to an end and stop racism.
Stop the mentality of black is bad and white is good.
Because we're all precious in his sight, the sight of our creator who placed us as flowers in a garden(earth). Different flowers as different colours and race to beautify this wonderful earth our only humble abode.

Stop racism!!
Stop the prejudice!!

This poem is about: 
Our world


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