The Race

Mon, 11/11/2013 - 21:51 -- tiraluv

I'm ready to run the race and win.

I've got my bible in hand and rockin' my Jesus sandals.

I'm pumped full of adrenaline like an overly pressurized tire.

I'm so ready to run this race i can hardly hold it in.

I told God that I wouldn't give up and in return asked that my lungs don't cave in.

That my legs don't give out or my feet start to slow. Cause I know, the last time i said i was ready, i didn't win.

Last time i let my vision get a little hazy, and hurdles kept getting in my way.

Last time, I didn't train; but this time, this time I'm ready to win.

I got the whole package! I got the headband, running shorts, and I said a couple prayers before i hit the track. I'm good!

No body's even on the track with me! I got this in the bag.

But hold on, isn't it a race? isn't that the whole point, to have people running with you?

See, that's the problem.

Christians put on the fasad all ready to go, but forget what they're called to do.

We get so pumped and excited about where we goin, we forget the mission.

It'll be a vacant party in heaven if we don't wipe the sleep from our eyes and realize there's more to this race than just preparation.

In order to run, you've got to have a team to run with.

So yes, you can be ready to run this race but you'll never win.

Not unless you strap yourself in and prepare yourself for duty.

Because in order to go up, you must go down.

See this is the twist.

In order to exalt him, you must descend so that he may ascend and carry you with him.

He made himself nothing so that we may become something.

Not just a runner in the race, but a winner that will take the sinner's place.

God says lose your life and i will give you eternity.

So show him his works weren't in vein. Show him that you understand why there had to be pain.

Show him you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

This is the time to prove that you are ready to run this race and win.


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